31st December, 2011

Jurták Őre, black show quality male with great nerves, perfect prey instinct and high playdrive looking for representative sporthome.
For more infos please contact us on irhaberki@yahoo.com

30th December, 2011

Irhaberki Guzsaly with his owner Silvia Dierauer competed for the first time in obedience, and won with 274 points, with excellent result!
Great start, congratulations!

28th December, 2011

News and videos came from our H puppies,
they are 18 months old and both already active in agility

Irhaberki Heves Tokaji with his owner, Christine Piontek Meister on slalom training:

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit with her owner, Justine Chavarria on a fun competition:

26th December, 2011

Irhaberki Esti Bella active in agility, frisbee and obedience,
made successful BH exam, congratulations!
Bella with her owner Hajnalka Simó starts herding also.

14th December, 2011

Irhaberki J litter 32 days

11th December, 2011

Irhaberki Csimota Kiki with Dr. Martina Klimesova on MEOE Wintercup won both agility and jumping in A3 category with fastest times of all sizes.


See videos here:

10th December, 2011 Seinajoki

Irhaberki Bodros Babó Nova with Rauno Virta
in Seinajoki from 3 runs made 3 clear, with rank 3, 2 and 4.

In the season she overall made 25 clean runs with 10 wins!

See a video here from her last competiton of this season:

10th December, 2011

Irhaberki Csili Vili Leo with Satu Valtonen
qualified himself to next years agility championships of Finland with two clean runs on the Saturday's competition, congratulations!

8th December, 2011

Irhaberki J litter 4 weeks old

3rd December, 2011

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit on her first friendly agility competition

2nd December, 2011

Irhaberki Csikós Legény Vida

hip dysplasia: free, HD-A
patella luxation: free, 0/0
eyes (PRA and inhereditary diseases): free

Kormosvári Hajtó Tündéri Talizmán

hip dysplasia: free, HD-A
patella luxation: free, 0/0
eyes (PRA and inhereditary diseases): free

27th November, 2011 Rally Obedience competition in Beekenhof

Irhaberki Apróka Ajnár Róka won her competition
in Rally Obedience Class 3 with excellent 189/200 points.

24th November 2011

Irhaberki Estike Szikra , who we are very proud of,

as beside other great show results Estike is the World Winner female 2011 (World Dog Show Paris), got in medium A2 level after some months of competing, here is a video of her first competition:


19th November 2011

Hungary, Wintercup, Irhaberki Ciróka Maróka Luca (Maxi A2) with Zsófia Hudák made 3rd place with her clean run in agility.


14th November 2011

FI AVA FI AVA-H Irhaberki Bodros Babó Nova

became Swedish Agility Champion.

Congratulations Rauno and Nova!

14th November 2011

Irhaberki Emese Elza completed ZMP1 working exam.

Congratulations !

12th November 2011

Hungary, Tordas Zoo, Irhaberki Ciróka Maróka Luca (Maxi A2) with Zsófia Hudák made 3rd place in open jumping and 1st place in aglity


Irhaberki J litter was born on 11th November 2011
from Kökényfia Csillag and Pásztor-Virtus Legény,
all puppies and mum feeling good

1 cifra male ()
1 black male ()
3 fakó (fawn) females ()
1 cifra female ()

5-6 November 2011

Dr. Martina Klimesova and Irhaberki Csimota Kiki
were on competition in Motesice Kiki won 4 from 6 runs.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

4th November 2011

See this very nice post >> on Kirby's blog, she is owner Irhaberki Gandalf Griff .

Also congrats for them for Griff's 3rd place on a speed competition
among more than 20 Mudis!!

Irhaberki Búbos Banka "Kali" qualified herself to A3 in agility (medium size)

Kali also gave her face to Polish Dogmagazine's article about Mudis, thank you for representing the breed and our kennel.

Irhaberki Gurulj Hékás

also started agility some months ago and very talented, go Hékás go!

16th October 2011

Irhaberki Eira did successful BH exam, congratulations!

She got from A1 to A3 in 5 months in agility and attending the 3rd class in obedience also, so there are many-many areas where this little girl prooves her abilities with her versatile owner Mari!

Amazing results!

15-16 October 2011

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit developed very nice on her weekend agility seminar with Anita Folly and Luigi Cavallo, great work Dinamit and Justine!

12th October 2011

Torzsási Bojtár Arany 7 months old:

7th - 9th October, 2011 FCI Agility World Championship 2011, Liévin

Dr. Martina Klimesova and Irhaberki Csimota "Kiki"
medium Jumping rank 2:
medium Agility rank 33rd (and just like in jumping, the second best time among 82 medium dogs!):
medium Individual rank 21st, with which the youngest and most successful Mudi on the Agility World Championship!


Dr. Martina Klimesova and Irhaberki Csimota "Kiki" in Czech Team got two extreme fast clear runs, their team got 4th place, their runs are:

Official FCI Agility World Championship Results:
Individual Jumping Medium (PDF)
Individual Agility Medium (PDF)
General Individual Medium (PDF)

2nd October, 2011

FI MVA BH TK1 TK2 Irhaberki Csili Vili "Leo"
this weekend
at Ylöjärven Koirakerho club competition
got 2nd place in maxi Jumping 3,
3rd place in maxi Agility 3,
and in total the 3rd best maxi dog!

2nd October, 2011 Agility competitions at Oulu

Rauno Virta with FIN AVA AVA-H Irhaberki Bodros Babó "Nova" :
Two wins from three runs this weekend at Oulu.

27th September 2011

Irhaberki Gili received her health test results, HD-A, ED-0, congrats!

Irhaberki Búbos Banka "Kali" got 2nd place in medium A2, videos coming soon!

24th September 2011 HSV Luthe

Irhaberki Apróka Ajnár "Róka" on HSV Luthe
got rank 4 from 28 teams in Jumping 3, medium!
Please see a video of the competition here:

21st September 2011

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit agility training video, enjoy!

19th September, 2011 new videos

FIN AVA AVA-H Irhaberki Bodros Babó "Nova"

Irhaberki Apróka Ajnár "Róka"

18th September, 2011

Irhaberki Bodros Babó "Nova" Club champion 2011

18th September, 2011

Irhaberki Guzsaly trains and soon competes in agility, obedience and trailing, we will keep our fingers crossed!! more see here:

11th September, 2011 Forssa

FIN AVA Irhaberki Bodros Babó "Nova" was the best medium dog of the day with these clear runs:

Congratulations to Rauno and Nova!

11th September, 2011

Icce in his new home, kennel Simply Divine

10-11th September, 2011

Irhaberki Cikk Cakk "Héjsza" with her owner Lili Fodor won the Mudi Viadal 2011!

Irhaberki Csimota "Kiki" and Dr. Martina Klimesova is the Czech Champion in teams again, congratulations!

I litter puppies are moved to their new homes, Icce will live in Belgium and do agility, Isa stays in Hungary with our friend and do obedience.

3rd September 2011, Espelkamp Rally Obedience competition:

Merit with Irhaberki Apróka Ajnár 'Róka' won her first Rally Obedience 3 competition with 176/200 points in Espelkamp. Congrats for them!

3-4th September 2011 Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit agility seminar
with Luigi Cavallo and Anita Folly:

News from : Irhaberki Emese Elza

1st May, Nationalausstellung Banská Bystrica - Excellent 1., CAC, BOB
7th May, Landausstellung Excellent 1., Landsieger
15th May, ZZO obedience exam 55 points (max. 60)
18 May, ZPU 1 working exam ("Suitable for work") 146 points (max. 150)
25th June, Intercanis Dog Show Brno Excellent 1., CAC, CACIB, BOB
26th June, Pannonia Club Dog Show Excellent 1., CAC, BOB
9th July ZMMP exam for small dogs - smaller than 45 cm - basic test 135 points (max. 150)

Elza also competes in dog dancing and obedience with flying colors! Thank you Emilie and Elza, we all crossing fingers for your further success in all these versatile sports and on shows of course!




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