18th November, 2012

Our puppies moved to their new homes, Irhaberki Mókás Mese Madgic will do agility in France, first day at home:

Irhaberki Minta Mókus also goes to active home for agility in France, showing and breeding.

Irhaberki Mester Munka Mackó stays co-owned by Irhaberki as future breeding male, he lives our great friend with his grandma.

Irhaberki Esti Bella reached A2 level with nice winning on Winter Cup, congrats!!
See video here:

8th November, 2012

Irhaberki Búbos Banka Kali obedience training:

4th November, 2012

News from weekend, Praga CACIB:
Irhaberki Emese Elza V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

3rd November, 2012

News from weekend, Praga CACIB:
Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél V1, CAJC, BOJ
Irhaberki Emese Elza V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

3rd November, 2012

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit jumping Fraschels

2nd November, 2012

Irhaberki Ciróka Maróka on Hungarian National Championship:

1st November, 2012

Irhaberki Bundás Bekecs is the mudi of the month on mudi.de:

28th October, 2012

Mary with Irhaberki Gloria "Piper"
gained 189 points from 200 on their first Obedience Competition.
Congrats, hugs from Hungary
and crossed fingers for the upcoming competitions also!

27th October, 2012

Irhaberki Apróka Ajnár Róka with Merit Jähne agility results of last 4 weeks:
09/29 two clean runs at PHV Hannover in A3 (rank 2) and J3 (rank 3)
10/27 Jumping 3 rank 2 clean run at Nordheide WinterCup

Irhaberki Jeles Gyűrűk Ura, 11,5 months old, agility training:

24th October, 2012

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél Jetty puppy agility competition:

7th October, 2012

Irhaberki Csimota Kiki with Dr. Martina Magnoli Klimesova is
in world winner Czech medium team on Agility World Championship 2012!

Their individual medium jumping was unfortunatelly a DIS:

In individual agility they got rank 4, video soon

1st October, 2012

Irhaberki Mester Munka black natural bobtail male

DOB: 2012/09/08
Sire: Pásztor-Virtus Legény HD-A, patellas free, eyes free
Dam: Tégláshegyi Estike Picur HD-A, patellas free 0/0, eyes free

21st September, 2012 Irhaberki videos

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél "Jettelka"'s first summer:

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit Fräschels Agility M3:

Irhaberki Csimota Kiki Grand Final 1st place:

14th September, 2012

Update about Irhaberki Emese Elza , some news I got from her owner:
Dog shows:
18.8.2012 DuoDanude Bratislava - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
19.8.2012 DuoDanube Bratislava - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
25.8.2012 Interdog Bohemia Mladá Boleslav - V1, CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB, BOB

12th September, 2012

Estonian Kennel Club has confirmed Irhaberki Csili Vili Leo's Estonian Champion title

11th September, 2012

Irhaberki Csili Vili Leo second health check results:
eyes: OK
knees: 0/0

10th September, 2012

Irhaberki Gili was officially measured by an agility judge. She is 41 cm tall, agility medium class.

9th September, 2012
Hortobágyi Pásztorok és Magyar Pásztorkutyások Találkozója

Irhaberki Csikós Legény Vida
breeding exam: breedable,
character test: passed,
herding instinct test: passed

Kormosvári-Hajtó Tündéri Talizmán
breeding exam: breedable,
character test: passed

Torzsási Bojtár Arany
breeding exam: breedable,
character test: passed

9th September, 2012

Irhaberki Heves Tokaji and the entire team of HS Pfannestil have been qualified for the Swiss team championship in October. I am so proud of my Irhaberki.

8th September, 2012

Irhaberki Heves Tokaji twice a clean run in agility and jumping.

8th September, 2012

Puppies were born
2 black female - 1 black male


Pásztor-Virtus Legény
HD-A, patella 0/0, eyes:OK
Tégláshegyi Estike "Picur"
HD-A, patella 0/0, eyes:OK


pedigree >>


8th September, 2012 VIII. Veres Cup Agility Competition

Irhaberki Esti Bella A1 agility 4th place:

2nd September, 2012

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit részt vett a svájci agility csapat versenyén
a világbajnokságra való kijutásért.
Jumping M3: clean run, rank: 5/13
Agility M3 : clean run, rank: 6/13
Open M3 : disqualification

1-2 September, 2012 Agility Competition Tromsö

Irhaberki Bodros Babó Nova 4 runs 4 wins,
Nova has 4 new champion titles.
Norvegian Agility Champion, Norvegian Jumping Champion,
Nordic Agility Champion, Nordic Jumping Champion.

25th August, 2012 International Dog Show Tervakoski

Irhaberki Csili Vili Leo was best male, CACIB, BOB (Best of Breed).

Judge: Ms. Brigita Kremser (Serbia)
"Excellent type & presented typical. Masculine head. Correct eyes & ears. Very nice topline. Excellent developed body, very well angulated. Croup a little falling down. Loose elbows. Especially movement"


19th August, 2012

Irhaberki Csili Vili Leo two clean runs


12th August, 2012 TordasZoo Agility

Simó Hajnalka és Irhaberki Esti Bella medium agility kategóriában
medium agility rank 1:
jumping kategóriában
jumping rank 1:

12th August, 2012

Irhaberki Icce performed the social dog examination with success


4th August, 2012 Dogshow Parnu

Irhaberki Csili Vili Leo SERT, CACIB, Estonian Champion!


2nd August, 2012

Irhaberki Bodros Babo "Nova" in Finnish qualifications 2012. Rank 30/99.


29th July, 2012 Agility trial Lindhorst

Irhaberki Apróka Ajnár Róka in A3 open, rank 1


28th July, 2012 Europa Open Agility Championship

Irhaberki Csimota Kiki and Dr. Martina Klimesova individual:
medium jumping 1st place
medium agility 3rd place
final 4th place


21st July, 2012

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit Jumping M2, KV Berna, Agility rank 1, jumping rank 1


Irhaberki Apróka Ajnár Róka in Germany run a rank2 in M3.


7th July, 2012 Agility verseny, Villars-le-Grand, Neuchatel

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit on her first A2 competition got rank 6 with great time!


1st July, 2012

The two siblings Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit and Irhaberki Heves Tokaji
have been given permisson to breed.


27th June 2012

Irhaberki Csimota "Kiki" her owner Dr. Martina Klimesova after successful qualifications starts on European Open Agility Championship Agility World Championship in individual and team either!

Great job, keep crossing fingers!

24th June 2012, National Dog Show, Aarau

Irhaberki Heves Tokaji on his first show
CAC and BOB (Best of Breed)


23rd June 2012

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél "Jetty" agility training:

22nd-24th June 2012, Agility International All Breeds Cup 2012, Bad Zurzach

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit :


16th-17th June, 2012 Jyväskylä Agility SM 2012

Irhaberki Csili Vili Leo runs:

16th-17th June, 2012

Irhaberki Jeles Gyűrűk Ura "Gyűrűk" is learning new tricks:

10th June, 2012 Agility Competiton, Seon

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit's results:
Jumping medium 2: disq.
Agility medium 2: 1st place (clear run)
Open medium: 1st place (clear run)


9th June, 2012 TordasZoo Agility Cup

Simó Hajnalka and Irhaberki Esti Bella medium A1 category
5th place:


7th June, 2012

Irhaberki Gurulj Hékás and Irhaberki Gallér Szamos and their owners met and they gave us a real present with nice photos of their nice weekend, thank you!

3rd June, 2012 Salföld

Irhaberki Gurulj Hékás passed herding instinct test

breeding examination: breedable


2nd June, 2012 Agility Competition, Seon

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit eredményei:
Jumping medium 2: 3rd place
Agility medium 2: disq.
Open medium: 3rd place


31st May, 2012

Irhaberki Gurulj Hékás
Hip dysplasia: mentes/free HD-A
Elbow dysplasia: mentes/free


26th May, 2012 Psola Cup

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél "Jetty" baby class 1st place:

26th-27th May, 2012 Prague - Kyje 2. Qualification Competition

Dr. Martina Klimesova and Irhaberki Csimota "Kiki" videos:

20th May, 2012 TordasZoo Agility Cup

Irhaberki Esti Bella medium A1 video:

17th May, 2012

Irhaberki Jeles Gyűrűk Ura "Gyűrűk" agility training:

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél "Jetty" agility training:

15th May, 2012

Irhaberki Emese Elza on Dogshow of Pannonia Club got Excellent 1, CAC


13th May, 2012

Irhaberki Emese Elza dogdancing F1 trial succeed (MOD1 title she is having already!)

12th May, 2012 International Dog Show St. Gallen

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit Excellent 1., CAC, CACIB, BOB (Best of breed)
Judge: Ms. Esther Joseph


8th May, 2012

Irhaberki Emese Elza BH exam made

2nd May, 2012

Irhaberki Estike Szikra's agility entertainment:

5th May, 2012

Irhaberki Gurulj Hékás passed 2nd level of K99 exam.


5th May, 2012 XXII. International Dog Show, Prague

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél Jetty's first dog show got "Very promising 1":


2nd May, 2012

Irhaberki Estike Szikra's (World Winner female 2011) photoalbum:

2nd May, 2012

Irhaberki Gurulj Hékás's eyes examination results: free from hereditary eye diseases


30th April, 2012

Let us share Kirby's post of memories about Irhaberki Gandalf Griff,
who would turn two now.

30th April, 2012

We are proud of Irhaberki Gurulj Hékás not only because

of his nice look, but his good work in agility

and herding.

29th April, 2012

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit video from last weekend about getting to A2


28th-29th April, 2012

Qualification runs from Dr. Martina Klimesova and Irhaberki Csimota "Kiki" :
Agility I 2nd place:
Agility II:
Jumping I 1st place:

28th April, 2012

Irhaberki Búbos Banka "Kali" Obedience class 0:
2nd place, excellent, goes in Obedience class 1

22nd April, 2012

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit goes in Agility Medium A2

22nd April, 2012

Irhaberki Guzsaly second agility competition was a big improvement.
3rd run even zero faults and a 4nd place:

21st April, 2012

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél "Jetty"
won the puppy agility

18th April, 2012

Irhaberki Csili Vili Leo the most successful Mudi competitor
in an agility maxi A3 category in Finland

15th April, 2012 Kraft Kupa

Irhaberki Esti Bella agility A1 1st place:

15th April, 2012

Irhaberki Jeles Gyűrűk Ura's first jumping training:

13th April, 2012

Torzsási Bojtár Arany :
hip dysplasia: free HD-A
elbow dysplasia:: free
eyes: OK

12th April, 2012

Irhaberki Gili agility training

7th April, 2012 Easter Games Pello

Irhaberki Bodros Babó Nova Easter agility video:

5th April, 2012

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit's health results:
hip dysplasia: HD-B (nearly normal)
elbow dysplasia: ED-0 (free)
patellar luxation : Pl 0/0 (free)
eyes free from:
- RD (Retinal Dysplasia)
- HC (Hereditary Cataract)
- PHPV (Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreus)
- PHTVL (Persistent Hyperplastic Tunica Vasculosa Lentis)

5th April, 2012

Irhaberki Jeles Gyűrűk Ura slalom

1st April, 2012 International Dog Show, Legionowo

Irhaberki Búbos Banka "Kali" Excellent 1., CAC, Best female

31st March, 2012 International Dog Show Colmar

Irhaberki Gili Excellent 2., Res. CACS, Res. CACIB

22nd March, 2012 Prague

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél Jetty 19 weeks old learning:

17th March, 2012 Cypat'Agil - Bulle

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit
agility open and jumping first place:

11th March, 2012

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit open video:

10th March, 2012 International Dog Show Offenburg

Irhaberki Gili Excellent 1., CAC, CACIB

6th March, 2012

Irhaberki Ciróka Maróka Luca agility training:

4th March, 2012 Prague

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél Jetty 3 and half months old puppy in the dogschool:

4th March, 2012

Irhaberki Heves Tokaji Irhaberki Heves Tokaji made very nice runs
this weekend in Vilters , see a video here:

4th March, 2012

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit took part on canicross,
see a video here:

3rd March, 2012 TordasZoo Tavasz Köszöntő Agility Cup

Irhaberki Esti Bella on her first A1 medium agility competition got dis,
but had fun and did nice run, see here:

3rd March, 2012

Irhaberki Guzsaly won Obedience Beginner class with 287 points.
See videos here:
Part 1:
Part 2:

27th February, 2012

Irhaberki Jeles Gyűrűk Ura tricky video here:

25th February, 2012 Tornio

Irhaberki Bodros Babó Nova was in show at Tornio.
Judge: Leni Finne
Results: SERT, BOB (Best of breed)


19th February, 2012 Luleå

Irhaberki Bodros Babó Nova got jumping SERTI from Luleå
She is FIN S AG CH and FIN S Jump CH Irhaberki Bodros Babó Nova.


19th February, 2012

Irhaberki Jeles Gyűrűk Ura agility training here:

11th February, 2012 Praha

Irhaberki Emese Elza dogdancing competition
Super Dance Dog Praha 3rd place (category DwD)

5th February, 2012

Irhaberki Emese Elza got Czech Champion title!
She is CZ JCH, CZ CH Irhaberki Emese Elza

5th February, 2012 Brno Dog Show

Irhaberki Emese Elza got Excellent 1., CAC

5th February, 2012

Irhaberki Icce started to learn agility, see video here:

4-5th February, 2012 Agility competition in Kaiseraugst

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit from 6 runs 2 win, one rank 3, 3 dis

30th January, 2012

The video we were waiting so much has arrived, see here Martina and
Irhaberki Csimota Kiki runs with 5 wins from 6 runs:

29th January, 2012

Irhaberki Javas Asszony "Javas" lives in Kennel Simply Divine ,
see her work with her owner Annick at 11 week:

28th January, 2012 Trenčín Wintershow

Irhaberki Emese Elza got Excellent 1., CAC, CACIB

24th January, 2012

Irhaberki Heves Tokaji hip X-ray: HD-B


23rd January, 2012

See how Irhaberki Jeles Gyűrűk Ura learns by clicker here:

22nd January, 2012 - Biasca

Irhaberki Heves Tokaji maxi, clean run first competition ever! Great start in competing, congrats!

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit midi, clean run, rank 1, first competition ever!

See the impressions about the competition in Justine's blog here

22nd January, 2012 - Hradec Kralove

Irhaberki Csimota Kiki midi A3 won 5 from 6 runs

21st January, 2012

Irhaberki Apróka Ajnár "Róka" training Rally Obedience at Christmas time:

17th January, 2012

All J puppies went to their new homes, where they will have active life with their owners, please see details here )

15th January, 2012 Bienate di Magnago

Irhaberki Csimota Kiki midi A3 from 4 runs 3 win and one 2nd place!

Jumping 3 1st place:
Agility 3 1st place:
Team jumping 1st place:


7th January, 2012

MEOE Top Mancs KKI & Tordaszoo Animal Rescue Farm Winter Agility Cup

Mini agility beginner: Irhaberki Esti Bella and Hajnalka Simó first competition ever and 1st place.

Agility maxi A2 winner Irhaberki Ciróka Maróka Luca and Zsófia Hudák
qualified to Class A3.

Agility maxi A3: Irhaberki Cikk Cakk Héjsza and Lili Fodor 2nd place.


1st January, 2012

We received this nice postcard from Sandra and Irhaberki Estike Szikra ,
let us share with You and wish all happy new year to 2012!




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