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22nd June, 2013

L-litter was born!

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20th June, 2013

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15th May, 2013

Our N puppies page updated

Our K puppies page updated

15th May, 2013

Our first video of N and K puppies:

12th May, 2013

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit runs from this weekend:

12th May, 2013

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél Jetty, white girl from our Legeny and Csillag was officially measured to medium and did a clear run with time 4,8 and gain 1st place!

12th May, 2013

Run from Irhaberki Ciróka Maróka Luca with István Dávid (A3):

12th May, 2013

Today run from Irhaberki Cikk Cakk Héjsza with Lili Fodor (A3):

12th May, 2013

Czech qualification runs from Irhaberki Csimota Kiki and Dr. Martina Magnoli Klimesova (A3):

12th May, 2013

Run from Irhaberki Esti Bella and Hajnalka Simó A2:

12th May, 2013

Irhaberki Gallér Szamos became such nice mudiman

5th May, 2013

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit this weekend run:

5th May, 2013

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél Jetty successfully made herding instinct test

20th April, 2013

Irhaberki Mester Munka Mackó , our future hope

8th April, 2013

Irhaberki Csikós Legény Vida and Kormosvári-Hajtó Tündéri Talizmán litter
1 cifra female (natural bobtail)
1 cifra male (long tail)
2 white males (natural short tail)
1 black male (natural bobtail)

6th April, 2013

From Pásztor-Virtus Legény and Tégláshegyi Estike Picur we have our last
(and not planned) litter, 1 black girl, 2 cifra boys

2013 March

New photo of our future hope Irhaberki Mester Munka "Maci"

See how some of our J puppies work:

Irhaberki Jóhogy Jöttél "Jetti" agility

Irhaberki Jurtam Őre "Parra" bitework

Irhaberki Jegyes Babám "Niitti" bitework

Irhaberki Minta Mókus 7 months photo

8th March, 2013

We received an amazing puppy video about Irhaberki Mókás Mese Madgic, enjoy:

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit Európa Open agilitybajnokság válogatók:

Irhaberki Gloria Piper tracking certification

Irhaberki Cikk Cakk "Héjsza"
2nd March Köztársaság Cup final 3rd place
24th March Agility A3 maxi 2nd és 3rd place

28th February, 2013

Irhaberki Jegyes Babám Niitti agility training:

28th February, 2013

Irhaberki Jurtám Őre Parra agility training:

25th February, 2013

Irhaberki Icce black male starts his official agility carrier.
He is medium size and has great speed, we wish success to him and his loving owner!

24th February, 2013

Irhaberki Búbos Banka Kali Slovakian Champion

20th February, 2013

Irhaberki Minta Mókus 6 months puppy, training with her owner:

Minta, 6 mois, entrainement agility by dicav
Minta, 6 mois, entrainement agility 2 by dicav

20th February, 2013

Irhaberki Bodros Babó Nova 8 times agility champion of 3 countries at age of 5 years.

20th February, 2013

Irhaberki Jegyes Babám and Irhaberki Jurtám Őre in a Finnish dog magazine

14th February, 2013

Irhaberki Gesta A1 medium agility: 1st place, open agility 2nd place

10th February, 2013 Tordas

Irhaberki Esti Bella A1 Agility: 2nd place clean run;
Open Jumping: 8th place clean run

9-10th February, 2013 Agility Competition, Voghera

Irhaberki Csimota Kiki and Martina Magnoli Klimesova 3 clean runs from 4 starts

6th January, 2013

Irhaberki Gloria Piper is having great nose and amazing work in tracking,
let me share her latest video where you can see her work.
Gloria is trained and led by Mary Mytych, her loving owner:
Part 1 – getting dressed:
Part 2 – beginning of track:
Part 3 - restart:

Irhaberki Minta Mókus "Ta"'s web page:

5th January, 2013 National Dogshow, Brno

Irhaberki Emese Elza - Excellent 1., CAC, Best of Breed (BOB), National Winner
and gained the titles of CMKU Champion und Czech Grand Champion




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