28th November 2015

Irhaberki Lencse Csoki

24th November 2015

Irhaberki O babies are 1 year old.
From Irhaberki Orgona Okinawa "Oki" we received this video
to show her first year work till the graduation with Lolabuland class >>

16th November 2015

Irhaberki Kennel gained title of Golden Award Master Breeder after the Silver and Bronze Awards!

Our kennel started at 2007 12th January, with the aim to keep the working and sport skills and health of this amazing rare breed, mudi. Since we had 17 litters, from which 15 litters are already adult and their show results supported us to gain the Golden Award.

Our owners contributed to our success by loving their Irhaberkis, train their dogs, compete with their dogs, show their dogs and let us share their results. Not each Irhaberki won any title, some are loved pets, some are national or world champions of show or sport.

But they are all loved and precious for their owners and I am blessed to have You as owners and have such a wonderful family - the Irhaberki family.

Thank you all Irhaberki owners and each and every mudis we bred, your success is our success! You gave me a gift I never ever dreamed of...I love you all!

20th October 2015

Irhaberki Lencse Csoki is
active search and rescue dog

15th October 2015

Irhaberki Jujde Cuki "Niki" helps Veea (Kooikerhondje) when she is learning herding.

13th October 2015

Irhaberki Oskola "Tisza" puppy agility trainings

10th October 2015

Irhaberki Obsit "Otto"

Irhaberki Obsit "Otto" and his canine friend Dylan went over the Rainbow Bsolid when a loose dog attacked them during their walk with their owner Nat.
I simply have no words and so sorry for your loss my dear friend...
Rest In Peace Otto and Dylan

October 8-11, 2015 Agility World Championship - Bologna (Italy)

Irhaberki Csimota Kiki won 1st place
team overall medium with the Czech Medium Team!

1st place Jumping Team Medium
2nd place Agility Team Medium

25th September 2015 Leone's Equestrian Center Sacramento, CA

Irhaberki Kovász Kona with his Reserve Winners Dog ribbon and AKC judge Ms. Leslie Earl. This was his annual National Specialty and the first time it was held on the west coast.

24th September 2015

Irhaberki Orgona Okinawa training

20th September 2015 CACIB Besancon (France)

Irhaberki Minta Mókus

20th September 2015

Irhaberki Búbos Banka "Kali" finished Veteran Champion of Poland

18th September 2015 Agility Swiss Championship 2015

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit "Didi"

12-13 September 2015
Irhaberki Karát Barát won this weekend at his second AKC trial

August 2015
Our Irhaberki Lencse Csoki in the monthly Dog Magazine (August)

29th August 2015
Irhaberki Bodros Babó "Nova" Paragility World Championship cat6 rank 1!

24th August 2015
Irhaberki Oskola "Tisza" (9 months old) loves agility

24th August 2015
Irhaberki Kovász Kona and Irhaberki Karát Barát together on a UKC trial

22nd August 2015
Being proud of Irhaberki Karát's Novice ASCA award!!
Gamble, Jumpers & Regular

19th August 2015
Irhaberki Lipica Corah health test results: Hips, elbows and patellas all free!

19th August 2015
Irhaberki Gallér Szamos working in the rain...

...and working in the sun

16th August 2015
Irhaberki Kedves Lányom, CAC and BOB in Eskilstuna dogshow

3rd August 2015
Irhaberki black pearls:
Irhaberki Minta Mókus, Irhaberki Heves Tokaji and Irhaberki Nolám Solaia

2nd August 2015 Herend CAC-Show

Irhaberki Okos Ében
Pup Class Dog: Very Promising
Judge: Mr. Sándor Szabó

Puppy Best in Show Winner (25 dogs)
Judge: Dr. Tamás Jakkel President of Syndicate of Show Judges

2nd August 2015

Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit got agility 1st place at the Agility Swiss Cup 2015

2nd August 2015

Irhaberki Karát Barát won High in Trial at ASCA

26th July 2015 FCI Agility European Open 2015 Kreuth
Irhaberki Csimota with Martina Magnoli Klimesova became European Champion

23th July 2015
Four Irhaberki mudis running on Agility European Open 2015:
Irhaberki Csimota Kiki with Martina Magnoli Klimesova in medium (Czech Republic)
Irhaberki Icce with Johan Renders in medium (Belgium)
Irhaberki Cikk Cakk Héjsza with Lili Fodor in large (Hungary)
Irhaberki Ciróka Maróka Luca with István Dávid in large (Hungary)

5th July 2015

Irhaberki Kedves Lányom "Kedd" did her debut in Agility class 3.
She came fourth in the jumping class and got her first CAC and today she won the agility class and got her first CAC there too.

27th June 2015

Irhaberki Icce is selected for the FCI Agility World Championship in Italy

27th June 2015

Irhaberki Karát Barát got his first AKC certificate for his Rally Novice title

21st June 2015

Irhaberki Karát Barát first AKC agility trial. 3 for 3 Q's and 71 points in fast.

19th June 2015

Irhaberki Jujde Cuki "Niki" sends Midsummer greetings from Lestijärvi!

14th June 2015 FCI World Dog Show Milano (Italy)

Irhaberki Furfangos Biegun's daughter is world winner!
Ch.Torzsási Bojtár Boróka
Champion class female
World Winner 2015
Best Opposite Sex
judge: Mr. Giuseppe Alessandra (Italy)

13th June 2015 FCI World Dog Show Clubshow Milano (Italy)

Irhaberki Furfangos Biegun's daughter is Best of Breed!
Ch.Torzsási Bojtár Boróka
Champion class female
Best of Breed
judge: Mr. Guido Vandoni (Italy)

13th June 2015

Irhaberki Gallér Szamos is working

28th May 2015
In the Next Top Model 2015 contest Irhaberki Lencse Csoki got to the finals based on decision of the jury, who gave points on tricks, obedience and versatile tasks, nice look was just a plus.

20th May 2015
Pásztor-Virtus Legény and Kormosvári-Hajtó Varázs puppies were born
in the Puszta's Legacy kennel

13th May 2015
Irhaberki Oskola "Tisza"

13th May 2015

X puppies were born

Xima white female
Xara cifra female
Xander cifra male

We recommend the puppies for agility and obedience:

Tégláshegyi Fürge Lux (maxi Agility A3)

30th April 2015
Happy Birthday G litter

24-26 April 2015
22nd Hungarian Great Plain Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Days
Herding show: Irhaberki Lednek Jutas (video)

25th April 2015
Irhaberki Emese Elza 2014 results
showing: Sloven Champion and she is already International Champion
Elzicku is active in several sports, see her work results of the year:
obedience: OB1, OB2
Searching exams passed: StPr1, StPr2 (random search test 1 and 2 level)
dogdancing: MD2, HtM2, DwD2, F2, F3
And, though agility was not in scope yet, she even started agi and has done 19.4.2015 Agility A1!
Besides the upper results she already passed herding test, has BH exam, ZOP and ZZO (basic obi) and ZMP1, ZPU1 (test of overall working usability), ZMMP and in nosework FPr1, FPr2 (special tracking).
Huge congrats, we are proud of Elza and her nice results in so many sports!

22nd April 2015
Irhaberki Karát Barát
OFA results
Hip dysplasia exam: HD-B (MDI-51G24M-VPI)

Elbow dysplasia exam: free MDI-EL49M24-VPI (Normal)

16th April 2015
Irhaberki team
Irhaberki Latte, Kökényfia Csillag
Pásztor-Virtus Legény, Kormosvári-Hajtó Tündéri Talizmán

12th April 2015
Irhaberki Kedves lányom
Hip dysplasia exam: HD-B
Elbow dysplasia exam: ED 0/0

11 January, 2015
Irhaberki O puppies 7 weeks old>>

3-4 January, 2015

Irhaberki Karát Barát's very first agility trial
from 10 running won 7




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